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Term and Condition

1. Agreement between members and QuinL
  • 1.1 www.QuinL.com is the official website of QuinL (Thailand) Co., Ltd. which will be called. "Service Providers"
  • 1.2 What subscribers use (Both free and paid subscription), whether it is a software product, a service, or a service provider's website. Which is referred to as "service"
  • 1.3 Subscriber who is a member, whether part or all of the service provider. This will be referred to as "members".
    • 1.3.1 Owners or the person who brings the product or service to distribute or display the service details on the website through the service of the service provider. Which will be called "members"
    • 1.3.2. The order and / or use of the member's website. This is referred to as "buyer".
2. Member agrees to comply with the terms and conditions of QuinL (Thailand) Limited as follows:
  • 2.1 By using the Service, the Subscriber is required to understand and agree to the Terms and Conditions. Of all carriers.
  • 2.2. The Service Provider assumes the following terms and conditions. If you do the following:
    • 2.2.1 Member Click OK and accept the terms. The provider will have the option to accept or not to show or prioritize the member's acceptance notice before clicking the OK button.
    • 2.2.2. The subscriber accesses the service of the service provider, in which case the subscriber must accept that the service provider assumes the member understands and accepts the terms and conditions. From start to finish.
  • 2.3 Members should print Terms and Conditions. Of the service provider to the memorandum of the member added another way.
3. Website Policy The service provider reserves the right not to provide the services to members with the following characteristics:
  • 3.1 The Company reserves the right not to provide any illegal business services. All kinds of business, gambling business, prostitution / trafficking And business about selling or killing all kinds of organisms.
  • 3.2 Illegal or contrary to Thai morality, such as copyright infringement of others, bullying of pornographic websites, or pornographic sex. Including websites linking to pornographic sites.
  • 3.3 Business Networking And products sold by a commission relationship. Including a page that is primarily made up of ads.
  • 3.4 Website used for other purposes Non-purchase for sale such as
    • 3.4.1 Advertising Website
    • 3.4.2 Website for another link
    • 3.4.3. Website for another website
    • 3.4.4 Affiliate websites
  • 3.5. About Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) or other business that recruits members and offers prizes for recruiting other members. And / or selling services.
  • 3.6 fraud found in buying and selling The service provider reserves the right to decide what is considered fraudulent.
  • 3.7 About Hacker, Warez, Crack, Viruses, Internet worms, Trojans, etc. related to illegal software.
  • 3.8 Deceive others by displaying false statements. Overdraft Or conceal the actual message, which should tell.
  • 3.9. Impact on system resources and resources such as CPU usage beyond the scope of use. Email beyond the scope of hacking, the use of IRC Bots program or any other application. The impact of the system. And the service provider reserves the right to consider. Any use is beyond the scope.
  • 3.10 E-mail or other resources are deployed. Received service Go to redistribution to another person in a free manner. Also known as Free Email and Free Hosting
  • 3.11 Commercial Mass Emailing or "Spamming", in any case, such as sending an unsolicited email to an unsolicited email address, sending an unsolicited commercial email address, Send a chain message to generate a large number of replies. And sending the same message repeatedly to others.
  • 3.12 contains data and files. On the server of the service provider infected with malware in any case. If there are any arguments. The decision of the carrier is final.
  • *** If the service provider detects that the member's website has violated the agreement. Immediate suspension of service. No refunds are given and no prior notice is required. The service provider reserves the right to determine whether the site is wrong or not. If there are any arguments. The decision of the carrier is final.

4. Domain Name and Source Code
  • 4.1 Domain name of the member website is the copyright for rent only exclude member register before using our service.
  • 4.2. The source code on the website is copyright for rent only.
5. Terms of Service Change the style of service And renewal alerts Service Providers The service is divided into the following services.
  • 5.1 There are 2 types of members
    • 5.1.1 Free members - Up to 5 entries can be uploaded. Unlimited data rate Unlimited space for data entry. Aftermarket Upgrade to a paid subscription yearly.
    • 5.1.2 Annual subscription fee - The service provider uploads the product / service. Throughout the membership age Unlimited number of times. Unlimited data rate Unlimited space for data entry. Aftermarket Guaranteed page 1 Google and website rankings. With website statistics
  • 5.2. The service provider may modify the form of service. The rates may be higher. Or lower, which will inform you 7 days.
  • 5.3 In the case of a reduction in service charge The service provider reserves the right to reimburse the subscriber and reimburse the subscriber for the renewal charge.
  • 5.4 In case of increase of service charge Older subscribers use the old rate of renewal. Except for advance notice. And new members apply for new rates. The service starts from the date of payment, or the date stated in the quotation or invoice.
  • 5.5 The service provider will send a renewal email within 15-30 days prior to the expiration date. For members who have received a special discount, they will need to confirm the renewal and payment within the month of receiving the notification email. Otherwise, the service provider is eligible for a service charge.
  • 5.6 If the member can not confirm within the specified date The provider is entitled to offer the domain to another operator. Or other members Of the operator. Members have no right to claim damages or compensation. Or if payment is made after the specified date. But the service provider has been confirmed by new members already. The service provider refunds the amount.
6. Scope of Responsibilities, members understand and accept below
  • 6.1 The service provider is solely responsible for providing services in facilitating the preparation of the website. Uploading Guaranteed website ranking only. The provider is not affiliated with any. With the product or service of the members in any way.
  • 6.2 Products or services that the members bring to sell or display through the website. Through the service of the service provider including any image and multimedia information. Membership is considered to be the owner of the product or service that the image and multimedia information that members bring into the web. Must not be illegal or contrary to the moral of society.And if it is found to be pirated. Or problems. It happens with other people, whether directly or indirectly. The service provider reserves the right to remove such content or close the site. Until it is fixed. Service providers will not be liable for any damages incurred due to use. And the members understand the rules of the service as well.
  • 6.3 If the member has committed an offense under the terms of this agreement Or fraudulent in buying or selling goods or services. Members need to compensate for the damage caused by such actions to the service provider. And / or other persons damaged. Or be violated from all such cases. This will be subject to legal action.
  • 6.4 The service provider will not be liable for any damages or compensation if the member is deceived or defrauded by another member. However, the service provider will be happy to help the most to get the property of the members back. In addition, the service provider will show the credibility of the members on the web page. The information is provided to buyers or visitors to make a decision to purchase goods or services.
  • 6.5 The service provider may not guarantee that The service will continue without stopping. Or no defects. And the service provider will not be responsible for deliberately acting. Or negligence in the performance of a third party such as an Internet connection problem. Jam in the channel Internet network Missed communication, natural disasters, terrorism, fire, or temporary disruptions And the problem is not a problem for the service provider.
  • 6.6 The service provider will pay for the service. If the service provider cancels the service contract itself, such as terminating the service or canceling the service can not continue. And the service provider will not be liable for any other damages. In addition to the service fee paid to the service provider
7. Backup Agreement

Service providers will not be held liable for any loss of information within the site. Or because of a faulty device. Force majeure Even service providers will have their backup services. But it can not be guaranteed. The information will be accurate. Members should always have at least one backup. However, the service provider will be happy to help recover the information.

8. Terms of security in the data and password.
  • 8.1 The subscriber must maintain the information and password used by the service provider. The service provider stores the information in a secure location. And the service provider is not responsible for any. If the site is damaged or the information is caused by the negligence of the member.
  • 8.2 The member agrees to be responsible for the service. For all activities that happen under the account of the member.
  • 8.3 In case the member forgets any password Members can request a new password in a way that the service provider determines. The service will reset the password. And notify the email used to order the service only.
  • 8.4 If the member has a suspicion that the information or password has been stolen. Have a member change their password immediately. And need to notify the service provider.
9. Terms of Privacy and Disclaimer
  • 9.1 for information maintained by the service provider. Membership Read the QuinL Website Privacy Policy. http://www.Quinl.com/PrivacyPolicy.html This policy explains how to store data. And keeping the personal information. Membership
  • 9.2. Members agree to use the information. Under the Provider Privacy Policy
10. Terms of service refund

The service provider reserves the right to refuse service if the member wishes to cancel the service. Before the contract expires. Members are not entitled to a refund. Some Or all Unless the service provider will cancel the service itself. The service will be rendered only as appropriate. If there is a violation of the agreement, the service provider will alert. The service will be stopped if the member does not correct them. Members will not be able to claim refunds. And if it is an action that affects the network and the reputation of the service provider. Members are responsible for all damages.

11. Terms of Service Suspension

Service providers may suspend service to any member at their sole discretion, even if the subscriber has not violated any of the agreements. 1 after the expiration of the period agreed upon by the Company. Exclude domain name services and uploading services. No refunds. If a member owns the domain name itself. Members can notify the domain name provider (change name server) to other providers. Or move the domain name to another provider. Members can not claim any damages. In addition to the service fee paid to the service provider

12. Agreement to change the terms and conditions.

  • 12.1 Service providers may change their policies, terms and conditions. The service is available without prior notice.
  • 12.2 The member must understand and agree to the terms and conditions. Of service providers have changed. If the user accesses the service after the change.